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Did I really miss a week?!

OK, first off, I am so sorry. Not that anyone reads my blog, but I'm so sorry that I haven't posted at all for a week! I have so many disclaimers popping into my brain right know it's mind blowing. I'm just going to give everyone highlights though, I can't really remember last week it was very tiring.

My Favorite Things -

My mum's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! :D :) :D :) :D

I finished Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever (2 more books to go!)

I gained my favorite game, Sims 3 back! Thank you FAMILY!!! :) :D :)

Other Things -

My Uncle said that we had to eat at Salt Lick, so we did.

My grandmother and great aunt arrived.

I did some writing and came up with a temporariy name for my book so far it's; Spark Fire: A Sparkling Beginning

Went to the Science Lab in school, loved it!

Went to the book fair and found out 2 things;

1. Maximum Ride manga is A.R.

2. Maximum Ride manga is being sold at the book fair

Went to the outlet mall with my mom, grandmother, and great aunt. Girls day!!! :D

And of course, I forgot and also didn't have time to blog! (Not that anyone cares! Dang it, disclaimer! :( )

I will post tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that... maybe. :) Bye anyone who actually reads!!!

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Wow, Big Weekend!

First off, I am SO sorry that I haven't posted in two days, but my grandmother and great aunt are on their way down here. So I'm going to write about each day.

I went to Turkic Fest with my friend Alex, my mom stayed home to clean. :( Sorry mom! I was dumb and didn't bring anything to eat on the bus, four hour drive and all I had eaten was a donut. :( Well, I managed, it was just, as soon as Alex and I were allowed to roam free, he was continuously asking "Can we go get food? Can we go get food?" It drove me nuts!
We found a few popcorn and cotton candy booths, mainly because we couldn't get to the other real food booths. There were A TON of people! We ate and then headed out to explore, we found a few shop booths that weren't $20.00 for one thing. We bought these really odd squishy things. They look like pigs and they stick to plastic, gross right? Sadly Alex's exploded half way through the day. :( Sorry buddy, long live FailPig.
Had a slice of cake, it was really good, there was a bananas and cream filling.We rode on a spinning bench/chair thing, which was well worth the wait. Met up with some friends, Ashleigh, Carlos, Sean, Spencer, Sharez, and Immanuel. :D It was nice to see them. Harris was being a dork when we met him, he had bought these really stupid looking, old style sunglasses and was failing at trying to look cool. Around 4:10 Alex, Immanuel and I began to head back to the front of the fest, after I had been drooled on by the camel, because we had to leave at 4:30.
Come 4:20 we had two free balloons and were trying to untie the string so we could inhale the helium. I finally managed to get mine untied in the middle of the bus ride, I inhaled the helium and sounded like a demented Fred Figglehorn! I fell asleep and finally made it home.

Clean, clean, clean, did I mention I cleaned? I was cleaning all day, mainly because I couldn't focus. Long story short, I ended up getting SO tired I fell asleep sitting upright. :) Rather tired, yes?

Monday (Today!) :
School, nothing big. We had a test in computer class. Social Studies we talked about the upcoming Multi Cultural fair. ELA we went to the library... yeah nothing all that big.
Because my mom was cleaning the house, Erin (Michael's mom) picked me up. We talked about how tired everyone in our family is, laughed at stupid moments and sang the song of meatballs, "On top of spaghetti, all covered in sauce." :) F-U-N!
Was dropped home, had a sandwich, began making my grandmother and aunt's beds, still haven't finished because I need help with the quilt, but my mom is busy at her computer. :( Now, I'm doing some writing and being sad. Why am I sad? My bunny Jack passed away, he just lost the glimmer in his eye. :(

We love you Jacky boy!
~ R.I.P. Jack
2006 - 2010

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YAY, Friday! WooHoo!

OK, so school. Not much, the lunch was late, P.E. was, strangely easy... which was, well strange. The ice cream seemed to be late today, PTO ran a little late. Oh well, not eating ice cream can't possibly kill me. :) Might save me someday...

We dropped Michael at his mom's work, received my mom's jacket that Michael took by accident yesterday. Figured out my mom isn't going to be able to come with me to Turkic Fest in Houston tomorrow. :( Thankfully my friend Alex is coming to Turkic Fest with me so it isn't a waste of money. :D

Got home and was preparing things for Jack, my bunny, to go for another check up. Sadly he had managed to get out of his "cone of shame" and pulled off a scab on his back. Thankfully, no damage, it was a natural reaction. We have a surgeon rabbit, which is, interesting? Well he is OK now, more medicine, no idea where he is, but no problem. Hopefully he'll get a little sleep tonight, poor baby.

Well, tomorrow I'm going to Turkic Fest alone, sort of.
Tonight, actually right now, there is band practice. What is it like 9:10, whatever.
Thinking of doing some writing seeing as I can't sleep... band room is RIGHT above my room.
So, for now see everyone tomorrow!!! :D :) :D

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Another Day In The Life Of Sam. . .

Basic day, I woke up and went to school. Though, a lot happened at school. Today is my friends Jaylee's birthday, HAPPY B-DAY J!!! Also, in my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E class, English Language Arts (ELA) we had a test. Thankfully in Social Studies we got to watch three videos, so I guess you could say we got a break in that class. Not much went on in the other classes.

I stayed after school for a little while today, had to reach my AR goal or flunk ELA. I made the mistake of letting Michael stay in the cafeteria while I tested, because of that mistake, it took maybe five extra minutes. I know what you're thinking, "Oh no! Five minutes, the world will end!" well it's a big deal to me. :) I got to talk to my friend Zoe's dad, the one dad stranger than mine. You're number one on my "Strange Dad List" Mr. Smith, it's an honor!

Had to wait a little while longer when we dropped Michael off at his mom's work. He did no pencil pooping today, yay for him. What do I mean be Pencil Pooping you ask, I mean every time he gets out of the car, we seem to find a pencil where he was sitting. Reason we had to wait longer, it was around 4:00 p.m. so his mom may have already headed home, blah, blah and more blah.

When we made it home, I had to begin working on the spare room, the one I'm staying in for three weeks because of my grandma and great aunt. I still hate that room!!! :( Well, we have new curtains up in there, bed is cleared off all we need is to put clean sheets and such on it. Went out for dinner to Taco Cabana YAY! Had to go to Walmart, got awesome new slippers. :) Now, I'm off to bed. :) :) :)

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Welcome Cold Weather!

I woke up this morning and I rolled over and everything was so quiet and cold, I was SO very relaxed. :) I love the cold weather! My dad hates the cold, I love it.

I got up and did my regular morning routine, Michael was dropped off at my house, and I had to deal with annoying meowing the entire time. :( Well, I made it to school in one piece, so no complaints there. Froze outside, was allowed to enter the cafeteria, sat there for a while. Finally got to lockers, nothing bad happened. Went through all my classes, figured out a few of my friends watch Dr. Who, (one of my favorite TV shows) and formed a group, no name yet.

I went home normally today, I got to leave with a smile on my face. The weather was really cold today and the closer you got to the exit door, the more cold air surrounded you. It was, in one word, A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! :D

Dropped Michael at his mom's work, headed home. Got home, said hi to my dad's friend Sean, and got into comfortable, and wait for it. . . WARM clothes! As in LONG SLEEVE!!! :) :) :) (OK, sorry, I'm good.)
My mom had to take Jack, my rabbit, to the vet today, he has not had a good last month. He was given to me as a birthday present, lived in a cage, finally got four days to run around, became paralyzed from the waist down, and became infested with maggots due to the lack of mobility. (All maggots are gone now, no worries.) Now, he wears a "cone of shame" to stop him picking at his scabs from the maggots. :( He keeps rolling over backwards and he doesn't know how to sleep, I feel so bad. Yet, I will admit, it is very funny to watch him freak out when he loses a pellet down under his chin, then again it sucks trying to not lose a finger retrieving it!

Well as always tea is made, day is finished. :) Hopefully I'll wake up to another cold morning tomorrow. (I really hope I didn't just Jinx that. . .)

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Another School Day…

Another school day, not as grumpy as yesterday, but not perfect. Nothing big or bad happened with lockers, no fights, not much at all. We just had a basic day.

I stayed after school today. The high schoolers were doing their regular ice-cream sales. I had half of one, didn't need much more. :) On the other hand the kid I carpool with, Michael, bought one for all of his friends. 6 ice-creams at once! You should have seen the high schoolers, they were all freaking out over the kid with money!

Well around 4:00 p.m. I left school. The usually trip of dropping Michael off at his mom's work, became dropping him off home, my mom and I had a little victory dance over the ability to hop on the toll road now with Karly's new tag, (If you didn't know, Karly is our new Kia) then finally headed home.

No homework, which was nice. So I went to get changed out of my school uniform and nearly froze in my room. I leave the ceiling fan on because it's usually warm in there, well the temperature was low and everything was getting that Fall feel. So now my ceiling fan is on its lowest setting. I decided to work on my story preview, had to restart. :( Now I've done the regular task of making tea for the parents and getting ready to sleep, then start again tomorrow. :)

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November 1st, A Monday…

Today was a school day, so I went to school. Big whoop. OK the lockers at our school aren't the best, bottoms of top lockers have given out and dropped all of the crud in there, onto the bottom locker's crud. Well, the locker above me hasn't done that yet, but it's getting there. So today the one thing I have dread, and thought would happen almost every time I opened my locker finally happened. We have a textbook for almost every class, right normal school thing. I was lucky enough to have the two largest fall right in the middle of my bone today, two bruises, that I've hit so many times (by accident!!!) that my arm feels numbish sometimes. So not the best school day ever! :(

We dropped the kid I carpool with at his mom's work. Then my mom and I had to go get Karly the Kia's paperwork finished and get her detailed. So we thought it would only be an hour tops. I think we were there for maybe three hours, the guy doing our paperwork kept leaving and giving us papers, I just ended up zoning out. Then we went and waited for the car to be detailed, thought that would only be 20 minutes. It was at LEAST half an hour, most probably more. When the sun was so low we couldn't escape the glare of the shiny table, we waited outside. The salesman finally said Karly was done and we got to leave.

I came home and got the treat of going out to dinner. Pizza. Then afterwards we went to Frys, my dad's Toys R Us. We got a hard drive thing for the car, paid, and left. I've made tea for my mom and dad and my day is at its end. :)

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