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November 1st, A Monday…

Today was a school day, so I went to school. Big whoop. OK the lockers at our school aren't the best, bottoms of top lockers have given out and dropped all of the crud in there, onto the bottom locker's crud. Well, the locker above me hasn't done that yet, but it's getting there. So today the one thing I have dread, and thought would happen almost every time I opened my locker finally happened. We have a textbook for almost every class, right normal school thing. I was lucky enough to have the two largest fall right in the middle of my bone today, two bruises, that I've hit so many times (by accident!!!) that my arm feels numbish sometimes. So not the best school day ever! :(

We dropped the kid I carpool with at his mom's work. Then my mom and I had to go get Karly the Kia's paperwork finished and get her detailed. So we thought it would only be an hour tops. I think we were there for maybe three hours, the guy doing our paperwork kept leaving and giving us papers, I just ended up zoning out. Then we went and waited for the car to be detailed, thought that would only be 20 minutes. It was at LEAST half an hour, most probably more. When the sun was so low we couldn't escape the glare of the shiny table, we waited outside. The salesman finally said Karly was done and we got to leave.

I came home and got the treat of going out to dinner. Pizza. Then afterwards we went to Frys, my dad's Toys R Us. We got a hard drive thing for the car, paid, and left. I've made tea for my mom and dad and my day is at its end. :)

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