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Another School Day…

Another school day, not as grumpy as yesterday, but not perfect. Nothing big or bad happened with lockers, no fights, not much at all. We just had a basic day.

I stayed after school today. The high schoolers were doing their regular ice-cream sales. I had half of one, didn't need much more. :) On the other hand the kid I carpool with, Michael, bought one for all of his friends. 6 ice-creams at once! You should have seen the high schoolers, they were all freaking out over the kid with money!

Well around 4:00 p.m. I left school. The usually trip of dropping Michael off at his mom's work, became dropping him off home, my mom and I had a little victory dance over the ability to hop on the toll road now with Karly's new tag, (If you didn't know, Karly is our new Kia) then finally headed home.

No homework, which was nice. So I went to get changed out of my school uniform and nearly froze in my room. I leave the ceiling fan on because it's usually warm in there, well the temperature was low and everything was getting that Fall feel. So now my ceiling fan is on its lowest setting. I decided to work on my story preview, had to restart. :( Now I've done the regular task of making tea for the parents and getting ready to sleep, then start again tomorrow. :)

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